Pluto Fitness!!!!!

I have been MIA for a bit. I have been doing a lot for school and just really not tending to my fan club. :( Sorry folks. Right now I am working on a school project. It’s a new blog which you can see at

It’s about my fitness journey. I am going to include recipes, research, and just talk about my journey. Praise Jesus! I’ll see you guys there!!


And the exercise has begun!

As many of you know, I am planning a series of videos about overall health. Well I worked up a rough cut of the video. It went really well. I have the feeling I have talked about this before. Anyway, I just need to tweak a few things, add some photos, and finish with a nice tight ending. Very excting.

I have been exercising since May of 2013 and since then I have gained 30 pounds. Some of it is muscle, some of it is fat. But now my body is changing. I am doing different exercises. I work my legs and arms on separate days. I do actual workouts. My movements have evolved and advanced, and I have direction. But the exciting thing is that I have started taking measurements. I’m not taking them because I am expecting to see some dramatic change over night or am taking them to show off. They are for me. They are for me to track my progress. It’s kinda cool to see where you started (or in my case, about 6 months after I started) to where you end up. So if you start seeing measurements in my posts, that’s just me in number form. Have  good weekend guys!

Weight : 86.18 kg

I took these measurements on 01/22/2014

The F means flexed, and the measurements are in cm.


Bicep 31.75 / 35.56(F) 31.75 / 35.56(F)
Fore. 26 26.3
Wrist 16.5 15.7
Chest 105.5
Waist 99
Thigh 59.5 59.5
Calve 40.3 39
Ankle 24.2 24.2


Cheerios go GMO-Free

Below is an article from The Washington Post and Associated Press. It’s about how Cheerios is making its original breakfast cereal GMO-free. This is a good example of how public opinion can change corporations. The corporations may see it as a way to make more money, but the public sees it as a win. I don’t have a lot to say about genetically modified organisms, but I do know that 98% of corn on the market is GMO and that corn is the backbone of the American diet. I do think that more research should be done to see of there are indeed long-term or short-term dangers of GMOS. Towards the end of the article the writer says that there is little scientific evidence that shows the dangers of GMOS. So there is some evidence. If there is some evidence, then that research should be expanded to see just what those dangers are and how far they creep. I hope that you enjoy the article and have a great new year!

Original Cheerios to go GMO-free
By Associated Press, Published: January 2
NEW YORK — General Mills says some Cheerios made without genetically modified ingredients will start appearing on shelves soon.
The Minneapolis-based company said Thursday that it has been manufacturing its original-flavor Cheerios without GMOs for the past several weeks in response to consumer demand. It did not specify exactly when those boxes would be on sale.
Original Cheerios will now be labeled as “Not Made With Genetically Modified Ingredients,” although that it is not an official certification. The labels will also note that trace amounts of GMO ingredients could be present due to the manufacturing process, said Mike Siemienas, a company spokesman.
The change does not apply to any other Cheerios flavors, such as Apple Cinnamon Cheerios or Multi Grain Cheerios.
“We were able to do this with original Cheerios because the main ingredients are oats,” said Siemienas, noting that there are no genetically modified oats. The company is primarily switching the cornstarch and sugar to make the original Cheerios free of GMOs, he said.
The change comes after the group Green America started a campaign called GMO Inside asking General Mills to make Cheerios GMO-free. The group noted in a statement that its campaign prompted fans to flood the Cheerios page on Facebook with comments on the topic.
Todd Larsen, Green America’s corporate responsibility director, said in a statement that the move is “an important victory in getting GMOs out of our food supply and an important first step for General Mills.”
As for other varieties of Cheerios, Siemienas said they are harder to make GMO-free because they are made with ingredients such as corn.
There has been little scientific evidence showing that foods grown from engineered ingredients are less safe than their conventional counterparts. But consumers have expressed concerns about the long-term impact they could have.

Copyright 2014 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

Folic Acid Does Do Something.

THE FIRST POST OF 2014!!!!! YAYA!!!!! Here’s to a great new year! *CHEERS* As my current readers already know, I took Human Nutrition this passed fall. I wrote a wonderful research paper that only missed three points. It missed three points because it was long in some places. The grader felt that it wasn’t necessary. Perhaps it wasn’t, but I like having a lot of research to back up my claims. I feel that it is necessary since I am still in school and eagerly absorbing the material. My research pointed to a great body of knowledge that states that Folic Acid/Folate does reduce the risk for women of child-bearing age to give birth to a baby with neural tube defects (most notably Spina Bifida). I hope that you find the paper interesting to read. If not, informative. You can download it at this link —> WPDoes Folic Acid Reduce The Risk of Spina Bifida.

And here is a snippet of what I wrote, ”

Spina Bifida

Spina Bifida is a neural tube birth defect that starts in the womb and develops at the 28th day of pregnancy. Spina Bifida is where the spinal cord, brain, and/or meninges (the covering of the brain and spinal cord) does not fully form1. In the United State about 1,500 children are born each year with spina bifida2. Although that number may seemsmall compared to the 3.9 million people born each year3, babies afflicted with this type of birth defect can suffer from physical and mental problems such as, nerve damage, an allergy to latex, little or no feeling in the extremities, and are unable to move parts of their bodies. Children may also experience a buildup of fluid on their brains, and can be afflicted with seizures4.There is no cure for Spina Bifida, but how a doctor chooses to treat a child with Spina Bifida varies depending on how severe the child’s case is. Treatment can be done in the womb with surgery and it can happen after birth with ongoing treatments to help with nerve damage and other associated problems1.

            B Vitamins have been studied since 19095.They help the body utilize the energy in the food we eat, make new cells, and form red blood cells. This vital arsenal of vitamins is so essential that if a person does not get enough of B6 or B12, they can develop anemia6. Folic acid is part of this vitamin family, and is believed by many sources to help reduce the risk of Spina Bifida. This belief that it will reduce the risk of Spina Bifida is so well known and accepted that in 19987, the FDA mandated that enriched grain and its products would be fortified with folic acid. Enriched grain products are currently required to have 40 micrograms of folic acid per every 100 grams of product8. While this is not enough for most products to meet the 400 microgram daily recommendation of folic acid9, breakfast cereals do provide the full recommendation in one serving8,10. Folic acid can be found in many foods naturally (beans, egg yolks, and citrus fruits) in the form of folate10. For any parent, the safety and health of their children are the highest priorities.  A question that many mothers and prospective parents ask is, “do I need to take folic acid to reduce the risk of spina bifida?” ”

Time for a close

Well my year is coming to an end. Fare thee well, 2013. I welcome 2014 with new vigor. I hope that everyone had a great year and enjoyed what I had to say. I am planning some pretty neat things on- and off-line. I am going to restructure my volunteering efforts (so that I can be more diversified). I am going to do at least 3 videos this year. Hopefully not too far apart because they are part of a series. I am going to increase my muscle mass while decreasing my body fat percentage. It’s all doable, I just have to want it. I wanted to leave everyone with an interesting article that might fit into your holiday grazing season. It’s about activated charcoal and food poisoning. I have never used it for that puprose, but I know an RN that says that they use it in the hospitals to treat patients with food poisoning. I have only used it topically, and when I told my doctor they said that was fine. It cleared up my bug bite in 2 days rather than 10 days. I believe it works. And if my doctor (who is super smart) says that it was okay to use, I’m sold. That really shows how far the mainstream medical community has come. Herbs and other natural remedies like activated charcoal are becoming more common place. Here’s the article from Wellnessmama. Have a safe end to 2013 and a great new year!


A small tidbit from the article:

“Yes, it tasted awful. Vinegar was pretty much the last thing I wanted at that point and the charcoal in the applesauce looked like tar, but within a few minutes, I actually started to feel a lot better. (Apparently, this is a common remedy that works really well, according to this forum thread).” —

The End of The Year

The end of the semester is fast approaching. I am very excited. This is my plan, I am going to start with vitamin A and start researching all I can about it so that I can pull a video together before the next year term. I want to lose weight (I have gained 30lbs since May!). It’s unbelieveable. I work out four days a week, but I have gained weight. I know that it isn’t all muscle, but that’s crazy that I have gained so much weight. I am going to see about getting my body fat percentage taken. I want a more accurate measure of my overweightness. The BMI is completely off scale for people who are lifting weights or are pregnant. Oh well. If I am fat, then I am fat. But I can do something about it now. I am young and there is still time to fix my body, so that I am less at risk for disease. Oh, on another note, I have got a 95% on my folic acid paper and I think that my teacher may be following my blog. I am unsure…..  Oh well… School is going well. LOVE IT. It’s almost over and I can start doing things I want to do. For the few short weeks that I am off. This post was really random, but I expect to have a video up very soon!!! VERY SOON!!! EVEN IF ITS JUST FOR MR PANDA!!


Also, my LIFE IS NOT AN EXPERIMENT!… Terry Kimple said it.

Beware the ORAC!!!

So I have been taking these classes for my degree all about nutrition.  They say this and they say that about this and that. Haha Now that I have that out of my system we can dig down deep int our souls and pull out some more bullshit. Just kidding on that too.

This semester I am taking Human Nutrition, and I have learned a lot of interesting things. If anyone is thinking about taking Human Nutrition just for fun, think again. It is very chemistry based. If you just want some basic nutrition info on how to live right and make good decisions health wise that will follow you long-term then take Basic Nutrition. Basic Nutrition is geared towards the average person. It is very easy to understand and there are no calculations or enzymes to remember. Heck, my entire course was open book when it came to the exams. But I have noticed that Human Nutrition is not linked to the prerequisite (basic nutrition) for the course. It’s a very different course. However, it is a useful course. It presents a much deeper understanding of digestion and where all the compounds of the banana that we just ate go and how it got there along with how it was broken down and by what it was broken down with.

Okay, now on with why you should beware the ORAC! “ORAC” is a very official, scary-sounding abbreviation for “oxygen radical absorbance capacity.”  It’s an assay of how much antioxidant “fighting power” a particular food has, or so it was claimed. Apparently many food companies and supplement companies print the ORAC value of their products right on the box. I personally have never seen one, but it has been a problem for many agencies, like the USDA (more on them after the jump). The problem with printing this value is that there is not sufficient enough evidence to say that it is any better than what’s already there (another antioxidant already in the body serving a purpose) or if it is even utilized (bioavailability) by the body. It has been used to confuse people into buying a “better” product than what they may already consume (that may actually work better even if it does have a lower ORAC value).

The USDA (see, I told you we would come back) removed its list of foods with ORAC values in 2010 claiming that there is more and more evidence against the usefulness of ORAC values. They went on to say that there are a number of compounds in our food that attribute to the prevention of diseases like cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, and diabetes among others. You can read more about the 2010 USDA release right here.

The over all message that I want you to go tell everyone and anyone who will listen, that you need to do research on any new diet fad out there. We cannot just go and pop a pill and magically we don’t have cancer. Science just hasn’t gotten that far yet, but one day I believe they will and beyond. We should be cautious of anything out there. If you aren’t sure of what a commercial says or what a product is claiming, ask your doctor. There are also really good resources online that could help you, like WebMD, the Mayo Clinic, and even the National Institute of Health.  If you would like to know more about ORAC values, you can just hop on over to Scientific America and dig a little deeper.  You shouldn’t, though, since I just told you everything that you could ever want to know. Seriously. For a third time, just kidding. Until next time, beware!